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I hired Samantha because I wanted a business coach who would honor my mission and values, and help me scale my business in alignment with my integrity. Samantha delivered on that promise and so much more. I was very overwhelmed about planning a high-ticket offer. I had been in business for a year and knew it was time to expand my offer, but those growing pains were very real. I was able to develop both the offer and the marketing strategy with ease because of Samantha's help. During our time together, I created my first online course, I developed a high-ticket group coaching offering that I'm excited to sell, I expanded my business network and am now an affiliate of 2 other businesses, and I closed my highest sale to date. 

- Nicole Ralston, Business Launch Coach

Dietician + Intuitive Eating Coach Made $8,000 in 8 Weeks

 (Mayuko Okai)


"Hiring Samantha as your personal coach will be the best investment you do for your business. From tools to automation processes, to track clients & progress, she helped me get from the big picture to actionable steps to grow my business. You are not going to get some fluffy sales and marketing talks, she gives you tools to push you, to really understand your business, your vision, your clients and where you would like your business to go. She not only has the business expertise to help you build and grow your business, she is also such a warm and positive person that cares about you and your business. Thank you Samantha!"

Diane Hamacher, Family Lifestyle Photographer


"I worked with Samantha through Zenboss academy last June through August and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business! 

Samantha was able to help me define so many unknowns in that transition and help me weed through all the areas of my business to get to what mattered most in order to maximize my time. I was able to organize my work days more efficiently and my productivity went through the roof.

Ultimately, Sam helped me launch my first ever online course for low back pain. I was able to sell enough spots to make almost $5,000 and pay off my credit card debt.

It felt amazing to finally manifest this course that was in my head for so long, and even more amazing to see the success of this course for the people that signed up. Everyone who did the full program lost their back pain! The launch of this program broke me out of those old stories and it massively boosted my confidence to pursue this online side of my business with enthusiasm.

Sam, you are a world-class coach and I can't thank you enough for helping me kickstart a business that I love! You're the best!"

Julia Blackwell, Bodywork Coach & Founder of MVMT by Julia


"I highly recommend Samantha to wellness professionals and startup founders looking to grow their team, connect with ideal clients and build their community! Samantha is an excellent problem solver and mediator for performance measures of excellence that always uphold brand relevance, corporate integrity and overall bottom line. Samantha immediately understood the mission of our business and how to attract the employees and subcontractors that were a perfect culture-fit. She ensured a smooth hiring transition and created custom training development programs that produced immediate results. Samantha has an innovative perspective for business growth and knows how to conduct the proper research and analytics to support her marketing strategies. The impact she has had on our business is immeasurable!



“Before working with Samantha, I had no idea what I was doing with my life and lacked the confidence to take action. After 90 days, I completely transformed. Samantha helped me overcome my confidence issues. She also helped start my own successful online store. Thank you so much Samantha! You really are a holistic business GURU!”

Angie Vlahovich, Founder of Imaya Beauty

Samantha was able to help me clear a lot of the background anxiety I held with her ability to clarify items in a simple manner and I truly appreciate that. She also has a gift in connecting and listening to what's below the surface of vocalized words, prodding with more questions that get to root desires and fears. I would highly recommend her to anyone (especially the creative type) that is looking for more guidance and a framework to follow in building a heArt centered business. Samantha shared her deep knowledge on content creation, community building, subscription models and creating an effective website. She's been very high touch with me and all the questions I have had get answered in a timely manner. I feel like I am always supported with Samantha which is one of the most important things I could ever ask for! Thank you Samantha :)




"After just one strategy session with Samantha, my Instagram following increased 50%! Every time I speak to her my spirit and productivity is boosted! We connected at a crucial time in my life after the Malibu fire destroyed my home and air bnb properties. Samantha helped me build my Instagram community organically which has led to a new career path, new clients, paid for trips around the world, and a newfound confidence in myself."



"I always leave conversations with Samantha feeling capable and clear headed. I was feeling stuck and confused in trying to figure out if online entrepreneurship was for me so I booked a breakthrough session with her. I was feeling really uninspired in my business and craving some direction. Samantha provided me with the exact insight I needed to help me create a plan of action for my social media strategy. What I found the most inspiring is that her advice and graceful ability to challenge my perspectives in business gave me MAJOR insights into my personal life as well. I trust and recommend her services to anyone in the wellness space looking for guidance on how to build their business!”


"Through honest and open communication, it feels as if Samantha has known me my whole life. Through her coaching she was able to highlight my goals and multiple routes to achieve them. However, I think the most vital part was her helping me to identify the ways in which I was creating my own obstacles physically, mentally, and spiritually and provided multiple ways to address those roadblocks. 12/10 would recommend!!"

"I would definitely recommend coaching with Samantha for anyone who wants to blend their heart in their business.Before working with Samantha I had a vision for leaving my nursing job and launching a business in the transformation space..... I just had no idea how to execute or what direction to go. I was really struggling in trusting myself and believing that I had something valuable to offer the world and that I was really capable of doing it. Samantha came highly recommended by a friend and during our first call, she made me feel so safe to show up and share my dreams. She was spiritual yet practical so I felt like she could hold space for both parts of that were craving guidance. Throughout our 12 weeks, I experienced a radical transformation both professionally and personally. Samantha showed me I was capable of creating way more than I ever imagined. I hired her thinking I wanted to just start a blog and while she gave me the tools to create the site, the brand, navigate the “tech stuff,”  and discover who my ideal client was, she also helped me unleash a confidence that never existed before. I now feel like I can REALLY do this and have proof :)  A few weeks into our coaching, I landed my first high ticket coaching client and it has only gone up from here. After working with Samantha, I feel empowered, super connected, grounded, and certain that my vision is something I can create. I am ready to continue growing my business from a conscious place, hold a transformational retreat for women and expand my blog. I am very grateful for having gotten to work with Samantha and definitely recommend her coaching!”

"Samantha helped me take a concept and turn it into a reality. I was completely overwhelmed at the start of launching my health food company, INNER LOVE, and Samantha advised me on how to organize a powerful plan of action that helped to alleviate my stress. She guided me on how to communicate the mission and product benefits clearly to our ideal customers, partners, and staff. Samantha is the person that will keep you on track no matter how overwhelming launching a business can be! "


"Before working with Samantha, I thought I knew it all. I had a prettyyyy big chip on my shoulder as this independent woman who was going to figure it out on my own and didn’t need to invest in a coach. I was overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid. Samantha helped me understand that getting guidance and support only allows me to show up better for myself and my business. She helped me step into my power and only further embody what I preach, to own your shit! I am finally starting to trust more and lean in to letting go of my old beliefs and patterns that are holding be back from becoming the ZenBoss I know I can be!”


"I began this journey searching for business growth, not realizing I was also going to receive support in my personal relationships and life as a whole. Working with Samantha through the ups and downs, tears and laugher, I never once felt uncomfortable or judged for any of my decisions or emotions. Instead they were normalized and supported 100% of the way. I was deeply struggling professionally and personally when she and I began working together, grasping to get on a growth path to be healthy again. After working with Samantha, I have a much better understanding and healthier relationship with myself, which I will forever be grateful for. She not only helped me make decisive, clear professional decisions, but helped me grow astronomically in my personal life as well. Samantha has been such an inspiring, influential woman to work with."