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4 Month Conscious Business Accelerator for entrepreneurs ready to create a freedom-based online business, launch a signature offer with confidence, and build an engaged social community filled with soul clients.

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4 Month Conscious Business Accelerator for entrepreneurs ready to create a freedom-based online business, launch a signature offer with confidence, and build an engaged social community filled with soul clients.

Doors are closed!
Join our Wait List for September 2022

Raise your hand if you’ve thought the following… 

Is my niche too narrow or too large? 

What do I post on social media to get people to buy?

Nobody will take me seriously because I have a small following. 

How do I encourage people to hop on a sales calls?

I am so overwhelmed by the amount of marketing information out there-- where do I start? 

I am ready to take on clients, but don't know how to package my offers clearly. 

 I want to make my services accessible to everyone...but I’m not making enough money. 

How do I confidently share my offers without seeming salesy?

I spend so much time working but don’t have anything to show for it.

Now imagine if...

You felt totally and completely comfortable on social media and attracted soul-level clients by simply being yourself 

You made consistent $10K+ months while working from your swanky Air BnB or cozy home office 

You shared your services feeling calm, non- attached and with next-level confidence 

You woke up and knew exactly what to do every day to move your business forward 

Creating content felt joyful and fun because you knew how to speak to your dream clients in way that gets them psyched to work with you 

You had a step by step blueprint for selling out your online programs / services

All of your clients felt like best friends 

You felt inspired to get on social media and share your message rather than dreading it

...Without being on social media 24/7, feeling salsey, spending $$ on FB Ads, or spamming peoples' inbox

ZBA is for you if...

You're craving a business strategy that lights your soul on fire, yet keeps you grounded and on track.

You've been searching for a group of conscious-minded, entrepreneurial-besties who lift you up & shower you with collaboration opportunities.  

You are fed up and turned off by social media gurus and coaches claiming their way is the only ONE strategy to success. 

You want to use social media to spread your mission + build a community of empowered individuals without having to be "on" all the time.

You’ve tried launching before and hated the process-- deeming it's “not for you.”

You want to make lots of money (I mean, a lot a lot) but your real motivation is the transformation your clients will get when they work with you. The revenue is just a beautiful byproduct of your devotion to your craft.

Weekly video trainings, interactive exercises & weekly live coaching sessions


  • Build a daily workflow you love 

    *I’ll teach you what to focus on every day of the week including: marketing, content creation, financial planning, admin work— down to organizing your inbox and social media channels to maximize efficiency

  • Learn how to create a captivating personal brand & stand-out brand story

  • Define your niche, mission, vision & values

  • Discover the exact language your soul clients use (the ultimate key to becoming an expert copywriter) 

  • Learn my proven methods to overcome imposter syndrome and become an empowered leader


  • Package, price, name, validate and build your irresistible offer 

  • Create captivating, high-converting content on Instagram 

  • Grow your social community with quality leads ready to invest in themselves 

  • Learn what to say and how to say it to get your soul clients to engage and download your freebie, attend your webinars and hop on a sales call 

  • Position yourself as the go-to authority figure in your field 

  • Create powerful partnerships and collaborations that will skyrocket your referral


  • Learn the sales methods that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for our students

  • Understand the energetics behind money & how to attract more 

  • Receive our sales call script that is 100% customizable to your offer   

  • Create a captivating sales page (we teach you what to include, how to build it, how to accept payment... and all the other tech stuff)

  • Learn how to use emotional intelligence and mindfulness techniques to have a successful sales call -- every time

  • Finally know how to overcome any sales call objection & master the follow-up


  • Receive a step by step launch plan and content calendar

    +Canva templates for IG posts & stories 

  • Learn how to passionately share your offer on social without feeling salesy or pushy 

    +Our done-for-you pitch templates for all of your captions and emails

  • Enroll your new clients with ease, collect jaw-dropping testimonials (template alert) and keep them raving during & after your program 

  • Get our CEO Self-Care checklist tailored for your launch (burnout is not an option!)

Generated 20k in revenue in 4 weeks

“If you want a coach that is genuinely invested in you and not just your business but your health and your wellness as an entrepreneur… Sammi is the way to go!”

 - Danielle Gertner, Fitness Coach

$8,000 in 8 weeks with 500 Instagram followers

"What I really liked about working with Samantha is that she really held my hand and I needed that every step of the way she was there, between the calls she showed that she really, really cared. I felt really taken care of. And I could really tell that she was there for me and for the success of my business, I would definitely recommend Samantha 100% to anyone who is struggling to get their business off the ground or would like to scale their business."

-Mayuko Okai, RD & Intuitive Eating Coach

"I was able to develop both the offer and marketing strategy with ease because of Samantha's help."

"During our time together, I created my first online course, I developed a high-ticket group coaching offering that I'm excited to sell, I expanded my business network and am now an affiliate of 2 other businesses, and I closed my highest sale to date."

 - Nicole Ralston, Business Launch Coach


“The freedom my online business gave me changed my entire life.”

Take a behind-the-scenes-look inside ZenBoss Academy's award-winning curriculum 


Why ZBA Students Get Next-Level Results

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Oh heeeey there! Thanks for stopping by my little section of the internet一 make yourself comfy. I’m Samantha, Founder & CEO of ZenBoss Academy and I’m going to guess that we’ve been in similar shoes (especially if they're birkenstocks). When I first launched my online business I felt like there was a giant secret out there everyone knew except me! I felt so awkward on social media, a single caption took me three hours to write, I had no consistent work schedule and literally NO idea how to tell if all of my effort was even working. 

In my previous job as the CEO of a wellness startup, I was closing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of capital, yet I could not muster up the courage to send someone a DM! Marketing myself on social media felt like it lacked the humanness I needed to sell with confidence.


I decided in order for my online business to feel like me, to feel in integrity with my values, I needed to rip up the marketing script I was sold and do things based on my authentic way of being. I found my flow that didn't involve being on social media every day, allowed me to make 6 figures (while traveling cross country in my RV and spending time with my family whenever I wanted), and that created an abundance of wild opportunities coming my way like being featured in Forbes and drawing in soulmate-level clients from all over the world. 

I stopped paying attention to the stuff that didn’t matter (like being on every social media platform 24/7/365) and focussed on creating real, living-breathing human connections. Through honest conversations and lots of self-reflection, I was able to get crystal clear (and uber confident) in claiming my unique expertise, who I serve, how to pitch my services, how to create a conscious, powerful relationship with social media, and generate a consistent flow of income 一 without sacrificing my zen. 

ZenBoss Academy is my get-out-of-overwhelm gift to every single mission-driven entrepreneur who wants to create a freedom-based business around a life they love. I’ve taught hundreds of coaches, practitioners, healers, and teachers how to generate 5 figure launches, fall in love with the selling process, build a bold & authentic brand, and run their business like a ZenBoss. You don’t have to do it alone.


"Samantha helped me build my Instagram community organically which has led to a new career path, new clients, paid for trips around the world, and a newfound confidence in myself.”

“After just one strategy session with Samantha, my Instagram following increased by 50%! Every time I speak to her my spirit and productivity are boosted! We connected at a crucial time in my life after the Malibu fire destroyed my home and Air BnB properties."

-Bibi Jordan | Transformation Guide, Travel Curator & Photographer

"I worked with Samantha through Zenboss academy and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business!"

It felt amazing to finally manifest this course that was in my head for so long, and even more amazing to see the success of this course for the people that signed up. Everyone who did the full program lost their back pain! The launch of this program broke me out of those old stories and it massively boosted my confidence to pursue this online side of my business with enthusiasm.

-Julia Blackwell, Bodywork Coach & Founder of MVMT by Julia

"Hiring Samantha as your personal coach will be the best investment you do for your business."

"You are not going to get some fluffy sales and marketing talks, she gives you tools to push you, to really understand your business, your vision, your clients and where you would like your business to go. She not only has the business expertise to help you build and grow your business, but she is also such a warm and positive person that cares about you and your business."

-Diane H, Family Lifestyle Photographer

Inside this powerful container you will receive:

  • LIVE group coaching calls each week 
  • No-fluff weekly training videos and step-by-step action plans to implement into your business immediately. 
  • Access Samantha & her rockstar team via the group slack community to ask your questions, share wins, and get hands-on feedback between calls. 
  • Weekly accountability protocol & check-ins if you're feeling stuck on mindset or strategy.
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Doors are closed! Join our Wait List for September 2022

Questions? I got answers:

If you’re scared to take the leap, think of your future clients.

There are thousands of people who need your expertise right now. They are sitting at their kitchen tables, in their offices, or walking the food store aisles, praying for a trustworthy guide that could teach them what they need to know. Someone who can help them get unstuck, find more joy, and step into a more magnetic, authentic version of themselves. They are waiting for YOU.